Important Instruction

Steps for Registration

Its very easy to be registered as a chitranagari member. Follow the simple steps below.

1) Show ur drawings(min 3) at our CHITRANAGARI office done with water color.
2) Once ur work is approved by our drawing teacher, fill up the registration form.
3) Within a week of filling registration form, u will receive CHITRANAGRIS I- card.
4) This is it, start drawing at your favourite locations.
Instructions for Artists

1) The color kit required for wall painting will be provided by us, one only needs to bring paint brush by their own. Color kit includes 6 basic colors, a tray, tumbler,bowls and a dish.
2) The location for drawing and wall number will be allocated by our team.
3) you will need to finish the drawing in maximum 3 days time.
4) The drawings u select should not include that of any god,goddess,political personality,individual personalities, that might lead to any controversy in future.
5) Every artist will be given a certificate after completing of drawing.